2010 UTEP Football Season Predictions

2010 UTEP Football Season Predictions

UTEP is bringing back a brand new defense and a new defensive coach who is preaching to his team the 4-3 after the failed 3-3–5 experiment. Is it enough of a change for them to see a winning season and a bowl game, or is it too little, too late? They are tied second to last in least returning starters from last season, so will this be a factor?

Arkansas Pine-Bluff (W-45-7) – The Miners have to win this game, otherwise they won’t have any fans in the stands for the rest of the year, but nevertheless, I’m not seeing a mini-Appalachian state upset in this game

Houston – (L – 25-35) Donald Buckram surprised the Cougars last year, and Houston really looked like an old woman trying to keep up with a young man (no pun intended), but I doubt there’s a surprise this year, Houston will handle their business + Case Keenum has Heisman aspirations

New Mexico State – (W – 28-7) New Mexico hasn’t really done anything to impress me lately to prove that they can win. I have to see to believe in New Mexico, because quite honestly, I don’t think they got  แจกเครดิตฟรี ufabet the memo that the forward pass has been introduced to football.

Memphis – (L – 26-25) They couldn’t beat Memphis last year, and now with a revamped coaching staff and even playing against Eric Price (Mike Price’s son) it’s going to be hard to beat them this year. Memphis will probably not be that great this year, but still good enough to edge out UTEP

New Mexico – (W – 35-28) New Mexico hasn’t done anything in awhile and with a 2nd year coach, I think he has a year to go before he sees a solid team. Mike Locksley is capable of producing a great offense, he’s going to shine in the 2011 season, but this season, he’ll be lucky to make it to a bowl game, with that being said, these two teams are somewhat rivals and will be a nice finish to the end)

Rice – (W – 35-10) In my humble opinion, the Rice coach did not have enough talent last year, and when he doesn’t, he can win games. His track record as a coach is quite inconsistent and there’s no reason for me to believe he can beat the Miners. Sure they got Sam Mcguffie, but he’s canceled out by Donald Buckram. So if the Miners can prevent 6 turnovers like last year, they could see an easy win.